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Maribel Rojas is a Miami-based licensed massage therapist, Neuromuscular Therapist, and Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist (MA77770) who is elated to have found her calling in this arena. She has over 1000 training hours and has accumulated a diverse clientele since founding Movement Is Life. A CrossFit athlete since 2010 and a CrossFit coach since 2012, she is uniquely aware and interested in athletic massage and it’s benefits on the body. She is currently concentrated in opening more doors and minds to pediatric massage, fitness and wellbeing, in hopes to work with children ages 0-18 who can benefit from massage therapy and body work. 

Ashley Font is also a Miami-based massage therapist, and Neuromuscular Therapist (MA72699) with over 1000 hours of training. She is currently pursuing her title as a Recreational Therapist, to broaden our skills for our passion of working with and helping children live better quality lives. Also CrossFit athlete, she has a very unique awareness of the toll certain activities can take on your body and the importance of proper care. 


     At Movement is Life we believe that the body is at it’s peak performance potential when it is healthy, able and agile. Studies have shown that active healthy movement leads to a happier and more relaxed daily life and it is our highest ambition to provide a pathway to wellbeing and self-healing by improving the emotional and physical lives of those around us through multimodal massage therapy treatment.


     Each of our licensed massage therapists are versed and well-trained in all massage modalities, and even though we are ready and capable to administer spa-based massage treatments, our focus lies in the condition of the body and the true healing that comes from our therapies.


     A growing body of recent medical studies has found that inactivity can lead to twice the risk of death as obesity. Studies have also shown that inactivity has been linked to the increase in certain cancers, and has long been associated with feelings of anxiety and depression.


     We believe that living an active lifestyle is the pathway to full physical and emotional health. We believe in the agility that comes with the preparedness for whatever life may have in store for each of us. We believe that we can each improve and sustain a healthier and happier existence through consistent therapy and body work. We believe that an inactive lifestyle is not just a neutral life, but a detrimental one. We believe in the power of presence and in living a healthy active existence.

We believe movement is life.


     Thanks for joining us.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live. - Jim Rohn

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