Athletic Performance Massage

Athletes work hard to keep their bodies not just in great shape but ready for a challenge and with that in mind we've crafted the perfect massage for the consummate runner, the workout aficionado, or CrossFit loyalist. The Athlete Performance Massage, often referred to in the massage community as Sports Massage, is a full body massage that focuses on specific areas athletes may need to dedicate extra time and care to and is dedicated to sustaining an active and athletic lifestyle.


Extreme Performance Massage

For the boxers, long distance runners, trainers, coaches, and fitness freaks, the Extreme Performance Massage goes deeper than the Athlete Lifestyle Massage by anticipating problems and zeroing in to relieve tightness and soreness from reoccurring issues, helping to keep you aligned and active.


Pre-Event Performance Massage

A quick, energizing massage designed to warm the body, stretch and prepare the muscles and stimulate blood flow. To be given within an hour of athletic performance such as running races, bi- and tri-athlons, and weightlifting and CrossFit competitions.


Inter-Event Performance Massage

A super fast and effective massage designed to reduce muscle tension, and help to stretch tight muscle groups. Performance massage in between events has even been proven to improve the perceived fatigue levels of athletes and when helping an athlete feel more recovered, they can enter their next event calmer and more focused.


Post-Event Performance Massage

A brief massage given anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours after an event or competition, this massage focuses on improving circulation and assisted stretching, all in an effort to normalize the muscle tissue and get you back to fighting shape as quickly as possible.


Training Performance Massage

Designed for amateur and professional athletes during training periods to maintain maximum physical output in the days and weeks before major events or competitions. Hard core training with little recovery time between sessions can destroy an athlete’s chances before the main event even begins and a series of scheduled massages can keep you in the highest performance shape.


The Miami Executive Massage

There's no reason being trapped behind a desk all week should limit your physical ability but studies have found that muscles can atrophy from simple inactivity on the job. For that reason we've engineered The Miami Executive, designed to realign one's natural posture, improve flexibility and circulation, and release tension in the back, neck and shoulders, all in an effort to get you back on the court, in the gym or out on the water without any stiffness or soreness. Staying active should be reward for a job well done, so don't let your week slow your weekend down.


The Prep & Pamper Massage
(For Mothers Only)

Between acting as a caregiver and a chauffeur, between workouts and homework, between your diet and your checkbook, we know the balancing act mothers tackle every day and we've created a massage specifically to meet your needs. The Prep & Pamper starts with a full body massage before seeking out and relieving stress and tightness in different muscle groups, continues by improving circulation, and closes with a cranial massage to center your energy and relax you to your core. We pamper and prepare you to be physically and emotionally available for the ones who need you the most. No one in life gets a reset button, but this is as close as you'll find.


Trauma & Recovery Massage

A physiological, neurological and even emotional approach to recovery from physical trauma is at the heart of this multimodal massage technique. Recovery from major and minor physical traumas can take time in order to heal more than just the muscles and tendons affected and a series of massages can do more restorative work than years of non-therapy.


The Good Life Massage

As each of us mature our bodies react differently to the aging process. Stiffness, soreness, lack of flexibility and the slowing of circulation effect all of us over time and we've designed this especially for that purpose. Massage can be helpful for maintaining and even improving overall health for those in their retirement years, and this gentle massage can help to improve blood flow, improve balance and flexibility, increase joint mobility, improve posture, and even combat mood changes and depression. Let us help you to transition into the most rewarding phase of life with grace and ease with The Good Life Massage.


Pediatric Massage

Massage has been proven effective for children suffering from diabetes, asthma, and muscle development. Children suffering from hyperactivity disorders and other psychiatric issues have been known to benefit significantly from massage therapy.


Swedish​ Massage

This massage focuses on relaxation of the whole body, and has a wide span of health benefits. Improve circulation, increase levels of oxygen in the blood, decrease muscle toxins, improve flexibility and overall health.


Structural Massage

Posture, posture, posture! Holding patterns exist in all of us. Let us help you get your body back into its natural posture and alignment. Help aliviate chronic pains and re-educate your muscles.


Myofascial Release​ Massage
This modality applies gentle sustained pressure into the Myofascial connective tissue restrictions to eliminate pain and motion restrictions caused by trauma, surgical procedures or inflammation.


Deep Tissue Massage

Very similar to a Swedish massage, but with added pressure. If you have a chronic muscle pain this is likely a good suit for you. This will get to the deeper layers of muscle and fascia.




He who has health, has hope. And he who has                    hope, has everything - Benjamin Franklin

Having trouble deciding which massage is best for you? Want to mix & match? Let us know your concerns and needs and our seasoned therapists can customize a massage program just for you! Send us an email or set up an appointment and let's discover a healing regimen together to keep you in the best shape possible!

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